August 21, 2014

I have added scans of Dylan in the September issue of Teen Vogue to the gallery!

August 21, 2014

I have added a few scans of Dylan/The Maze Runner featured in the October issue of SFX Magazine to the gallery.

August 20, 2014

I’ve added a photo of Dylan with the Teen Wolf cast on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht last month at Comic Con to the gallery!

August 20, 2014

I have added HD logoless screencaptures of Dylan in Monday’s episode of Teen Wolf “Perishable” to the gallery!

August 20, 2014

I have added more outtakes from Dylan’s photoshoot for Teen Vogue as well as larger quality of some photos! Thanks to Holly for some of the photos!

August 19, 2014

I have added episode stills of Dylan in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf “Perishable” to the gallery!

August 14, 2014

I have added HQ digital scans of Dylan featured in the August 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly to the gallery!

August 13, 2014

Dylan O’Brien’s big brown eyes widen as he looks up at a massive concrete cross section of the maze, a living puzzle he’s set to conquer. A large camera zooms in on his face, coated in a thin layer of dirt, as he adjusts the collar of his blue shirt. The now 22-year-old is filming The Maze Runner—Wes Ball’s adventure thriller based on James Dashner’s best-selling YA book of the same name—on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From the highway you’d never know that inside this colossal warehouse (a former Sam’s Club), fall’s hottest flick is deep in production.

“We have eight weeks and 30 million dollars,” Dylan says to me, catching his breath between takes, nodding at the massive labyrinth set he just came from. We’re sitting in director’s chairs under a sign that reads pharmacy. He adds, “If we pull it off, people will be like, ‘How the hell did they do that?'” A tight schedule means long, exhausting days and very little sleep for the young star. But he doesn’t mind: “This will forever be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

It almost never happened, though. Dylan has said that Ball initially thought his hair was “too MTV” for the role. It’s true—Dylan’s MTV ties run deep. He’s beloved to television audiences for his best-friend role as Stiles Stilinski on the network’s hit show Teen Wolf, recently renewed for a fifth season. But he’s not confined to the small screen. “I’ve always wanted to do action movies,” Dylan says. “I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. And now I know firsthand that if a stunt coordinator offers you a pad to wear or land on, you take the pad. I throw my body around like a rag doll!”

His character, Thomas, is an ordinary teen who wakes up in a strange place, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He’s surrounded by about 30 other boys (the Gladers), who learn to survive in a self-sustaining community while attempting to find a way out of the ever-changing and fatal maze that surrounds it. “In my mind, he’s the quintessential hero,” Dylan says. “Thomas discovers he has this courage inside of him that he learns how to access—it’s really fun to watch.”

The cast—who lives together in a local, no-frills extended-stay hotel—features a bevy of Young Hollywood’s brightest, including Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Ki Hong Lee. “We have a great vibe on our set,” Dylan says. “I host rehearsals outside my hotel room every night, and we’ll all run our scenes for the next day. I have a little buddy relationship with every single one of them.” But even with his penchant for over-preparedness, the actor didn’t have time to train for his Runner role. He’d finished shooting Teen Wolf in Los Angeles and, a week later, packed up and headed to Baton Rouge. “I worked with my stunt double for only a few days in preproduction,” he says. “But I felt it suited Thomas to not be in amazing shape.”

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August 12, 2014

I’ve added HD logoless screencaptures of Dylan in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf “Time of Death” to the gallery!

August 12, 2014

I have added episode stills of Dylan in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf “Time of Death” to the gallery!