April 30, 2014

I have added 7 new high quality stills from “The Maze Runner” to the gallery!

April 30, 2014

I have added 3 outtakes of Dylan from his photoshoot for Nylon Magazine to the gallery! Hopefully better quality of these come out soon!

April 30, 2014

I have added two outtakes of Dylan from his photoshoot for Fashionisto to the gallery! Hopefully, we’ll get some more soon!

April 30, 2014

Dylan O’Brien is on the cover of the 10th issue of Fashionisto. Scans have been added to the gallery (will try to get HQ ones soon) and you can read a little of Dylan’s interview with Fashionisto below.

Star of MTV’s hit supernatural drama Teen Wolf , Dylan O’Brien, is known for playing the breakout role of “Stiles” Stilinski, who seems to be just about the only human in a cast full of mythical and fantasy characters. In part B of the third season which ended in March, his character was possessed by a nogitsune, a dark fox spirit, which had O’Brien showing off his acting chops as he got to play the antagonist for a change. Connecting with the actor, O’Brien shares what it’s like being on one of television’s most talked about shows, preparation for his upcoming lead role in the film The Maze Runner and what the future looks like.

If you have not heard of Teen Wolf , it is one of the most talked about shows on the internet with a devoted fan base who is not afraid to make its opinions known. Earlier this year, the site TvbytheNumbers named the werewolf thriller one of the top five most talked about shows on social media and the top social show for MTV–ever. As for all the attention, O’Brien gives a big credit to the show’s fans, saying, “Our fan base is incredible. It’s the whole reason why our show is still going.”

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April 29, 2014

Last year, when director Wes Ball was filming his adaptation of the James Dashner YA novel The Maze Runner near New Orleans, I got to visit the set with a few other reporters. While some movies are made primarily on soundstages, the production found a rough patch of land filled with poisonous snakes and transformed it into a filming location in order to bring this film to life. And if you think I’m joking about the snakes, the production had a few snake wranglers on set at all times and their sole mission was to make sure where they were filming was snake free. For more on that, watch this interview.

During a break in filming, I participated in a group interview with Dylan O’Brien. He talked about how he landed the role, why his MTV hair almost cost him the job, what the film’s about, if he feels pressure being the leading man, what it’s been like working with Ball, his reaction to the production artwork, the stunts, and a lot more. Hit the jump for what he had to say.

Before going any further, if you’re not familiar with The Maze Runner, the film centers on a group of teens who appear in an area known as “The Glade” but have no memory when they wake up. The only way out appears to be through a shifting maze of massive walls that harbor dangerous creatures known as Grievers. Only one of the teens, Thomas (O’Brien), holds the secret to their escape. The Maze Runner also stars Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, and Patricia Clarkson.

Question: Was this a project you went after? Did they come after you?
DYLAN O’BRIEN: Just like anything, I just auditioned for it. It’s funny. The way Wes told me it happened was, at first, I went in on it initially with the casting director, just like everybody. I didn’t hear back for like a month and a half, because Wes was like, “His hair is too MTV!” That’s what he thought, which was so funny. Then he saw a picture of me with more regular hair, the buzzcut or something from Teen Wolf, and he brought me back and it worked. It just ended up working out.

So, your hair almost cost you your job?
O’BRIEN: Yeah! [Laughs] Isn’t it funny how that can happen?
[Will Poulter passes by and calls out, “I love you Dylan!”]
O’BRIEN: That’s Will. He’s my boyfriend here. You have to latch onto somebody while you’re working. It is a little bit like prison, what we do here.

His character is like your enemy in the movie. Are you having fun being horrible to each other?
O’BRIEN: It’s actually uncomfortable! We’re so funny. Even tonight, what we’re doing right now. We wrestle. He’s vicious. He’s scowling. He’s the antagonist of the movie and I’m the protagonist. Wes always says we’re opposite sides of the same coin, so we’re always supposed to be butting heads. Even after every take, he’ll go, “Are you okay?” I’ll go, “Yeah, are you?” He’ll go, “Yeah, but oh, I hit your knee!” And I go, “Yeah, my knee is fine! But how’s your elbow?” It’s just hilarious. We’re buddies off screen, as we all are. Having to then just act, like, awful to each other. It’s always weird with acting.

There’s a scene where your character goes into the maze, basically to sacrifice yourself. Do you think you would do that for your friends?
O’BRIEN: When you think about it, I think it gets in your way, in your head about it. But instinctively, I’m always one who will lash out at anyone hurts my friends, viciously, kind of. Like, murder. [Laughs] No, but I’m very protective of the people I love. Sacrificing is a whole other thing. I don’t think you often come to that situation in life. But it’s a primal instinct, but maybe. Put me in that situation and we’ll find out!

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April 20, 2014

WonderCon attendees were treated to an exclusive look at “The Maze Runner” during the Fox Theatrical Panel on April 19, and MTV News was on hand to witness all the excitement.

While many fans in the audience were focused on star Dylan O’Brien and his body of work (a special shout out to the “Teen Wolf” Stiles cosplayers), fans of the novel were not disappointed:

Exclusive Footage Reveals More of the Maze
In a scene only hinted at in the trailer, Thomas (O’Brien) and Minho (Ki Hong Lee), explore further into the maze. Their exploration is interrupted when a scanner senses their presence. They know that the monstrous Grievers who stalk the Maze are close behind; but it’s not the Grievers they have to worry about.

The maze begins to shift around the two: doors close, giant columns of concrete shoot up from the ground and begin to form walls around them. Thomas and Minho are forced to run for their lives, and barely make it out without being crushed to a pulp.

Though this scene does not exist in the book, director Wes Ball felt it was important to include something that really gave viewers an idea of what the maze is: not only is the maze a presence in the film, it’s one of the monsters, as well.

No Memory, But a Lot of Character
When the boys are first transported to their new home, called The Glade, they arrive with no memories of their previous lives. In fact, they can’t even remember their own names. While O’Brien and Will Poulter, who plays Gally, were not familiar with the novel prior to being asked to audition for the film, they joked that the roles required very little preparation. ”

You don’t have to do a lot of background research,” O’Brien said.

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April 20, 2014

Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien spoke exclusively with Hypable at WonderCon 2014 about his his upcoming book-to-film adaptation and his dream role in a galaxy far, far away.

When asked which character he’d most like to play in his dreams, O’Brien replied “I always say ‘Han Solo’ for this one, so we’ll go with him, even though it’s all Harrison! Like, you go Harrison Ford! But in my dreams, Han Solo.”

Although it’s unlikely that O’Brien will ever get to play his dream role, it’s humble enough that he acknowledges this.

O’Brien also spoke about the differences between playing Teen Wolf‘s eccentric Stiles, and The Maze Runner’s Thomas. “It’s always fun to do something different. It’s difficult for me I think more [than playing Stiles]. Stiles’ energy is more my natural instinct.”

Thankfully, The Maze Runner fans shouldn’t let this worry them. The actor continued, “but then again, there’s so much of Thomas that I am too. It’s not that hard, and it’s nice to be able to be someone else.”

Directly comparing Stiles and Thomas, O’Brien stated, “Thomas is shyer and more internal, introverted, and just a much more subtle energy. He’s also very stoic and sheepish at first, but eventually becomes the leader, because that’s what he’s had inside of him this whole time.”

The Maze Runner comes out in theaters on September 19. The film is based off of the YA book of the same title by author James Dashner, and is directed by Wes Ball.

-Source: Hypable.com

April 19, 2014

Thanks to Kieran, I have added 5 high quality photos of Dylan attending Wondercon today to the gallery!

Edit: More photos have been added!

April 18, 2014

Dylan O’Brien is dashing in blue on the cover of Fashionisto.

The 22-year-old Teen Wolf actor opened up about his upcoming film, The Maze Runner, and all about Stiles in these quotes, provided exclusively to JustJaredJr.com:

On The Maze Runner pressure: “I haven’t really felt any real pressure from the fan base because so far they have just been so positive with everything we’re doing. It just feels like they have been excited and unconditionally supportive rather than hostile and judgmental.”

On comparing himself to Stiles on Teen Wolf: “[Unlike Stiles], I am actually innately shy and I am not as quick as he is to be confident in what he has to face. [But we’re similiar in the] way he feels about his friends and how he is loyal to them…and [how he] would do anything for them.”

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-Source: JustJaredJr.com