27 Mar '13

Sterek Spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 3

Jasmine: So happy that Sterek won the Top Fantasy TV Couple tournament! Any season-three scoop on them to celebrate?
We can tell you that the first half of Teen Wolf’s upcoming season is a bit light on the Sterek, though they will interact, according to Tyler Hoechlin. “It’s always fun working with Dylan [O’Brien], we have a blast together. It’s been one of my favorite relationships on the show. There’s always going to be that interaction. How much there will be this season? We’ll see!” O’Brien adds that there’s been so little Sterek action so far, “I told Jeff [Davis] I think it would be funny if the next scene he writes between Stiles and Derek, he ends it with us like about to walk away but we look back at each other and say, ‘I miss this!'”

-Source: EOnline.com

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