31 Mar '13

WonderCon: MTV’s TEEN WOLF Panel Recap

Collider did a recap of some highlights at Wondercon yesterday. You can read the full thing HERE, but I included things relating to Dylan/Stiles below!

  • Stiles’ real name will remain one of the long-standing mysteries of the show. Davis teased that the reveal will maybe be “in the last episode in the series finale in the last minute.”
  • Posey and O’Brien both feel they have gotten a better handle on their characters since the beginning of season one, evolving along with the characters as they grow as actors. O’Brien said that at the beginning of the second season, it took them a little while to really settle back into their characters, but from the first table read before season three, it felt natural.
  • Posey and O’Brien have had a lot more input this year on their characters, even including some dialogue related to their real lives: Tyler Posey has never seen the Star Wars movies (a fact to which he yelled “who cares?” and O’Brien responded with “I care for you”).
  • Stiles has decided to move on from his love for Lydia this season, trying to “take ownership of himself”, part of which is shown in his new longer haircut.
  • The decision for Stiles to drop the buzzcut was in some doubt for the majority of the first day of filming until O’Brien literally took it into his own hands, trimming the haircut to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Stiles will definitely get the chance to be a badass this season, with O’Brien hinting at the possibility of Stiles using a baseball bat as a weapon in episode ten.
  • While Davis thinks Stiles would grow up to be an FBI agent, O’Brien likes the idea of him taking on his father’s role as town sheriff.
  • Scott’s father will play a very pivotal role in the second half of the season. Davis also teased at revealing something about Stiles’ mother at some point this season.
  • There will be more about Stiles’ ADHD and panic attacks, as those are important aspects to his character.
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