18 Apr '13

Dylan O’Brien Lands Leading Role In ‘The Maze Runner’

*Sigh* They grow up so fast! Our very own Dylan O’Brien of “Teen Wolf” is about to take Hollywood by storm, ladies and Gs. This morning, Deadline confirmed that the actor behind Stiles Stilinski (and part-time James Dean lookalike) landed the starring role of Thomas in the movie adaptation of the hit YA book trilogy, “The Maze Runner.” So much for being typecast as the best friend!

For those not familiar with the upcoming blockbuster franchise, it’s a “Hunger Games”-style dystopian sci-fi saga, in which a group of teenagers wakes up in a maze, with no recollection of how they got there, or where they came from. The film is being penned by former “Buried Life” Executive Producer Noah Oppenheim (keepin’ it in the family!) and also stars British “Skins” alum, Kayla Scodelario (kinda keepin’ it in the family!) as Thomas’ best friend and the sole girl in the maze.

We’re sorry to report that you’ll have to wait almost a year for the film’s release — Valentine’s Day 2014 — but at least you’ve got a whole season of “Teen Wolf” to chew on while you wait for Dylan’s big-screen debut! June 3: Be there.

-Source: MTV

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