22 May '13

Dylan O’Brien in talks for lead role in ‘Glimmer’

Dylan O’Brien is in talks to star in the feature film Glimmer.

Deadline, who broke the news, says DreamWorks is so interested in giving O’Brien the role that they have committed to a January production date to ensure that the filming doesn’t interfere with any of O’Brien’s other projects. Fans of the young actor are less than surprised by the opportunities presenting themselves to the Teen Wolf star. However, this rapid increase in attention is still something few expected to happen so quickly.

Glimmer is a sci-fi film that follows a group of friends who stumble upon a portal that sends them 30 years into the past. It’s a moderately intriguing plot on the surface, but what is most interesting about the film is the amount of buzz surrounding the script. After undergoing an intense bidding war, DreamWorks finally received the rights to the film. Plus, the film made the 2012 Black List as the 29th most interesting script of the year. This is a prestigious award for any upcoming project.

Previous nominations in Black List included Lars And The Real Girl, Juno, and 500 Days Of Summer, all of which were commercial as well as critically successful films.

O’Brien has his hands full these days. The Teen Wolf star is making an honest effort to branch out and try his hand at other projects. While his television show Teen Wolf is on hiatus, O’Brien is currently filming The Maze Runner – a movie adaptation of the James Dasher young adult novel. His film The Internship, a comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, is set to hit theaters June 7. And now we have been informed that O’Brien is in serious talks to land the lead role in Glimmer.

We will keep you posted as more information is unveiled.

Thanks, Deadline.

-Source: Hypable.com

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