19 Jul '13

‘Teen Wolf’ at Comic-Con: Second half of season 3 gets premiere date, a surprise guest, and more

The Panel: Executive producer Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Dylan Hoechilin, Daniel Sharman, and Charlie and Max Carver.

Footage screened: A sneak peek from the rest of the season — which was awesome. The two moments that earned huge reactions from the audience? The TWO KISSES. One was between Derek and Jennifer and the other…[spoiler alert] Stiles and Lydia! There was also a good glimpse at an upcoming episode that Davis described as “Die Hard in a hospital.”

Snap judgment: Teen Wolf’s fans are a little nuts, in the best way possible. The enthusiasm that the Comic-Con crowd had — for not only the show’s hunky actors but the show’s mythology — was pretty infectious. One fan put it best right before asking a question: “You’re all really talented…and gorgeous.”

The Big Revelations:

+ The second half of Teen Wolf‘s third season has a premiere date. Circle Jan. 6 on your calendars!

+ ’The virgin sacrifices are over,” said Davis, “but the question of Stiles’ virginity has not been answered but it will be answered in an upcoming episode.” Yup, he means sex. Our money’s on a Lydia-Stiles hook-up, especially in light of Davis’s comment later on after the footage from later this season was screened: “A kiss isn’t just a kiss.”

+ We will find out “what’s up with Lydia” in episode 9, called “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” Hinted Roden: “The name of the episode is a clue.”

+ The big Derek flashback episode is finally upon us! Said Davis: ”It’s one of the most different of our episodes that we’ve done and we’ve done a lot of experiments this season…but this flashback episode takes us back to Derek’s past and we’re really proud of it. You get a lot of insight into the Hale family, especially the question about a werewolf eyes.”

+ Soon, said Davis, the show will be heading into new mythology involving a Japanese shapeshifter. “We’re excited to take things into a new direction.”

Choice quote: Two. Jeff Davis: “Don’t interrupt the show runner. I write your lines.” AND O’Brien, re his friendship with Posey: ”He’s literally my best friend in the world.” Aww!

Most incisive audience question: “Will we ever see the return of Miguel?” — asked by cast member Keahu Kahuanui, who dressed up in an elaborate costume (complete with a hood and crazy contact lenses) so he could sneak into the question line undetected by fans. The crowd went wild when he revealed himself. Also, one overwhelmed fan broke down into tears while asking her question, instantly winning the affection of the panel. When she finally squeaked out her question? “Would any of you all ever want to be a vampire. OH NO!” (She meant “werewolf.”) Totally memorable moment.

-Source: EW.com

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