13 Sep '13

Dylan O’Brien And Tyler Posey Hug Puppies On The ‘Teen Wolf’ Set

If you’re still in a bit of a back-to-school slump, we command you to put down that AP Physics book immediately and turn your attention to what is going on above and below this insignificant wall of text. Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien are cuddling with puppies. We repeat: TYLER POSEY AND DYLAN O’BRIEN AND PUPPIES! This is NOT a drill.

For those of you still conscious, we must apologize. Just when you were starting to adjust to all the quiet time leading up to January’s “Teen Wolf” return, we suddenly hit you with juicy Stydia goss, a pic of TyPo chillin’ on the nemeton and hot guys with canines in a 24-hour period. We’re truly sorry for the jerk-around, but what can we say? When it rains, it pours! And, man, it’s pouring cats and dogs — more specifically, “Teen Wolf” newbie Arden Cho’s dog, who recently had the distinct pleasure of making out with Tyler’s chin. “Chewy loves coming to work w/ me cuz of all the attention she gets from #Teenwolf cast & crew!” Arden wrote along with the split pic above. The photo below came to us from a Dylan O’Brien fan account, so we’re not sure of the little floppy-eared beagle’s identity. How about we call him Lucky, short for LUCKIEST DOG ON THE PLANET BESIDES CHEWY.

-Source: Remotecontrol.mtv.com

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