18 Nov '13

Five ‘Teen Wolf’ 2014 Premiere Teases

Jeff Davis said that Scott, Allison and Stiles would feel the effects of darkening their hearts through the ritual sacrifice in August’s finale, and having just screened the Teen Wolf season premiere — titled Anchors — I can confirm that the freakin’ understatement of this century.

The hour was easily the most tension-filled in series history, and to help make sense of it all — and coax my heart rate down to a more reasonable BPM — I’ve culled a couple of teases for the hour to get your pulses racing.

Nightmares See The Light of Day
Straight up, the 7-minute cold open is Teen Wolf at its cinematic finest. Opening on a sweaty Stiles in bed (yes, you read that right), we’re immediately thrust into his waking nightmare; possibly an unfortunate side effect of the ritual that only gets worse as the episode passes. Poor Stiles can’t tell the difference between reality and his dreams, which has him living in a constant state of fear.

Things aren’t much better for Scott or Allison, who are both experiencing their own worst nightmares (Scott is struggling to keep his wolf at bay and Allison’s hunter instincts are coming out at the worst possible moments). Davis previously announced this year’s big mystery would revolve around a Kitsune, a Japanese trickster fox, so how much of the trio’s terror stems from their ritual and how much of it stems from that manipulative minx remains to be seen.

Stiles Isn’t The Only Stilinski In Danger
Having learned the truth about Beacon Hills last season, Sheriff Stilinski sets out to revisit many of his “closed” cases to see if there were supernatural elements at play. Spoiler Alert: There are … and monsters don’t often like to be tracked by the po-po.

Creatures aren’t the only source of Stilinski fear as this season sets up Dad vs. Dad with Scott’s suddenly very present papa gunning to unseat the sheriff for incompetence.

-Source: ETOnline.com

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