This weekend at New York Comic-Con Dylan O’Brien opened up about what The Maze Runner movie delay means for the series.

As reported last weekend, Fox has pushed the release date for The Maze Runner to September 19, 2014. Although fans of the book series were disappointed by the news, O’Brien stresses that this announcement is a positive move for the series as a whole.

“It means the studio is backing it, and you know, they want to give Wes, the director, and the visual effects team all the time that they need to make the movie the best version it can be,” O’Brien said in comments recorded by Hypable at NYCC on Sunday. “I think it’s so smart what they did.”

The leading actor of the dystopian thriller goes on to say that being rushed with a movie of this size isn’t what fans should want. “I mean, we wrapped in July, and having it release in February, a big action and visual effects dystopian movie, would be kind of insane. So I think it’s great that we’re going to be able to take the time now to make it as good as it can be. The best version of the film it can be.”

In addition, O’Brien reveals that the extended amount of time will give the Maze Runner team more opportunity for press and promotion. “We get to do Comic-Con San Diego next year, which we wouldn’t have gotten to do otherwise, so that’ll be good too.”

Between this news and the announcement that the Maze Runner sequel script for The Scorch Trials is being developed, fans of the franchise should be comforted that Fox is giving the series as much attention as it can afford.


When Hypable attended the Teen Wolf rountables at the New York Comic-Con, Dylan O’Brien was there speaking about Stiles’ relationship with his father, the darkness in his heart, and more.

The darkness
At the end of the first half of Teen Wolf season 3, our main trio sacrificed themselves for their parents. While they did survive the process, it definitely came with some consequences. One of those consequences was the darkness that now lives in the hearts of our three heroes.

“It’s that darkness that Deaton warned us about at the end of last season,” O’Brien says. “For Stiles in particular, he’s an interesting candidate for a host. Me, Scott, and Allison have very vulnerable minds at this point because we left the door open for what we did to sacrifice ourselves for our parents. We are prime subjects for any sort of spirits and evil to come in and have a great time.”

So not only does it sound like Stiles and his friends will be suffering from the darkness, but it may also open them up for possession. Could this have something to do with the Kitsune myth they’ll be focusing on during the winter season?

Speaking more specifically about Stiles, he says, “Being the human, he’s very vulnerable, as he’s always been. But I think now that it’s going to be a lot about Stiles kind of dealing [with the fact that] he’s not safe. It’s kind of that thing with the superhero’s girlfriend.” O’Brien paused to laugh at his own metaphor, comparing himself to Peter Parker’s Mary Jane, but continued in a more serious tone by saying, “The ones you love are who you have to keep the furthest away from you.”

“It seems like he could be a target to get to Scott, or get to Derek, and those guys,” he continues. “So we may finally be toying with that. But also I don’t know either,” he adds, alluding to the fact that he doesn’t know the plot of the entire season just yet.

His relationship with his father
Now that Sheriff Stilinski knows about the supernatural world, will Stiles still be at odds with his father? “It diffuses [the friction],” he says. “We were butting heads a lot last season because of what [the sheriff] didn’t know, and he could just tell I was keeping something from him, and it was killing me and making me act weird around him. That was disrupting our relationship. Now Stilinski understands why it took Stiles so long to tell him, why he chose the time to tell him that he did, and I think it’s going to bring them closer, strengthen their relationship, for sure.”

That’s definitely a load off of a lot of fans’ shoulders! One of the hardest things to watch over the last few seasons has been seeing Stiles’ relationship with his father deteriorating because of this huge secret that was not necessarily his to tell. It’s going to be great seeing the Stilinskis reforming that bond and becoming closer once more.

Stiles’ love life
Stiles has had a complicated relationship with girls thus far. He’s been in love with Lydia for a long time, and they’ve only started to become friends. Then there was Heather, who was plucked from his life before anything could even happen between them.

Now that the threat of the Darach has been taken care of, will Stiles be trying to win Lydia back? When asked if his character would be butting heads with Aiden, Lydia’s new love interest, O’Brien says, “I think he’s used to not quite getting what he wants from Lydia, and I think at this point it’s like he’s comfortable loving her at a distance, and he’s sort of come to terms with the fact that there needs to be [something there]. She needs to love him back in order for it to work. You can’t force someone to love you. He can only do so much.”

This is absolutely true, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see which direction Stiles’ love life goes in now, particularly since we learned that there will be someone else for him during this winter season. But O’Brien also stressed that it will difficult for Stiles, saying, “There’s also a lot going on that has to be prioritized ahead of a love life because things start going crazy. We start losing our minds.”


Dylan O’Brien gives a thumbs up after touching down at JFK International Airport on Thursday night (October 10) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actor is in town to attend the Teen Wolf panel at 2013 New York Comic-Con on Saturday, October 12th.

It was announced earlier this month that Dylan will be joined at the panel by the show’s creator Jeff Davis, as well as his on-screen dad, Linden Ashby.

Dylan‘s latest flick, The Internship, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Be sure to pick your copy up ASAP!


Unfortunate news!

The sci-fi thriller YA adaptation The Maze Runner has been pushed from this coming Valentine’s Day to September 19, 2014. The film stars Dylan O’Brien.

Fox has moved director Wes Ball’s upcoming YA adaptation The Maze Runner from February 14, 2014 to September 19, 2014, where it will square off against Dolphin Tale 2 and the sportsdrama When the Game Stands Tall. The Valentine’s Day date was already looking crowded, and the film has quite a few visual effects so Ball could likely use the extra time to finish up the visuals. The story centers on a group of teens who appear in an area known as “The Glade” but have no memory when they wake up, and are forced to find their way out through a shifting maze. If you missed them, check out Steve’s interviews with Ball, star Dylan O’Brien, and producer Wyck Godfrey.


If you’re still in a bit of a back-to-school slump, we command you to put down that AP Physics book immediately and turn your attention to what is going on above and below this insignificant wall of text. Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien are cuddling with puppies. We repeat: TYLER POSEY AND DYLAN O’BRIEN AND PUPPIES! This is NOT a drill.

For those of you still conscious, we must apologize. Just when you were starting to adjust to all the quiet time leading up to January’s “Teen Wolf” return, we suddenly hit you with juicy Stydia goss, a pic of TyPo chillin’ on the nemeton and hot guys with canines in a 24-hour period. We’re truly sorry for the jerk-around, but what can we say? When it rains, it pours! And, man, it’s pouring cats and dogs — more specifically, “Teen Wolf” newbie Arden Cho’s dog, who recently had the distinct pleasure of making out with Tyler’s chin. “Chewy loves coming to work w/ me cuz of all the attention she gets from #Teenwolf cast & crew!” Arden wrote along with the split pic above. The photo below came to us from a Dylan O’Brien fan account, so we’re not sure of the little floppy-eared beagle’s identity. How about we call him Lucky, short for LUCKIEST DOG ON THE PLANET BESIDES CHEWY.


It’s gonna be a dark, cold winter without new episodes of Teen Wolf to warm us all over, but luckily I still have one Beacon Hills treat to share with you all!

When the cast — Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver and Charlie Carver — stopped by ET’s Comic-Con suite, I put them to work for the Beacon Hills High Yearbook so we could find out which characters would receive which superlatives at year’s end.

So who did the cast deem to have the Best Hair? Who is the Most Athletic? And which character is Least Likely To Make It To Graduation? Watch and find out!
Teen Wolf returns January 6, 2014.


Paleisnewblack: Does it wrap up enough of 3a to allow 3b to start fresh(ish)? Is it believable?
Wait, are you seriously asking if a show about werewolves is believable? Um, as believable as it can be? And yes, it feels like the closing of a chapter and the start of a new one…with the potential for this to be the end of the story for one of our characters who decides to leave town by episode’s end.

christina_bucks: Will Stiles and Derek interact at all in the episode??
Negative. Sorry, Sterek ‘shippers.

Angela_Rocca: Is Stiles getting into a car accident? I saw something bad in the promo… #TeenWolf
There is one pretty gnarly car accident and one almost accident that occurs in a flashback.

PhantomRat: Just one important question: Would you make out with this finale?
We’d probably go to first base with this finale…with some over the shirt action. We’re classy like that.

hannah_edgson: will it end on a terrible cliffhanger? #teenwolf
No, there’s a lot of closure, but still with plenty of set up for next season, including a new big bad that we’ve met before…

windycitygirl89: Is the connection that Stiles/Allison/Scott have now further addressed? If so, will we get a glimpse at how they feel afterwards?
The first scene reveals the connection, but there isn’t a lot of followup. Expect to see a lot more of “the darkness” and what it draws to Beacon Hills when the show returns in January. As for how they feel afterwards, it inspires Allison (Crystal Reed) to prepare herself for what’s to come, while Scott and Stiles are trying to stay positive…

thesebruises: Any Stiles/Lydia interaction?

-Source: EOnline.Com

Stiles and Cora
While Stiles is hellbent on finding his father, he also seems overly preoccupied with keeping Derek’s sister, Cora, alive. It’s obvious the baseball bat-wielding werewolf accomplice has developed a major soft spot for the feisty Hale. After Stiles resuscitated a dying Cora during last week’s episode, he said, “The next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake.” If that’s not at least a little bit of a come-on, then clearly our flirt-o-meter is busted.


Teen Wolf keeps getting more and more dramatic as season 3 approaches it’s mid-season finale. As one of the few shows currently airing during San Diego Comic Con 2013, the stars of the show tried to remain fairly tight-lipped bout what’s to come for our favorite hunky werewolves.

But that doesn’t mean we weren’t able to spill a few secrets during our time at the press table with one of the most attractive casts on televisions. (Like poor Isaac is still paying rent even though Derek kicked him out! That’s way harsh Tai.)

Check out the full interview below:

Here are some interview highlights:

  • The Teen Wolf panel was moved into the much-larger Ballroom 20 for this year’s Comic Con and the whole cast was impressed by the crowd that showed up. O’Brien says Comic Con feels like home now but, “it’s a weird home to have.”
  • Dylan is amazed by how much they manage to cram into one episode.
  • The show is going in a darker direction, there’s a lot more horror this season.
  • Stiles definitely doesn’t lose his virginity in the first half of season 3. Dylan O’Brien really wants to know how Stiles is still alive.
  • We’ll find out more about Derek’s love story by the end of the season. Tyler enjoys playing this new side of Derek.
  • Tyler Hoechlin says Derek has pretty much never won a fight.
  • Will Derek ever get a furnished apartment? According to Tyler Hoechlin, the loft is actually much nicer than it looks on TV. “It’s got like Restoration Hardware in there.”
  • “At least you have a bed,” Dylan says of Derek’s new place. “I think that’s why Derek has been so cranky, he hasn’t been sleeping,” Hoechlin says.
  • Derek can only afford that nice loft because Isaac is still paying half the rent, even after he got kicked out!
  • -Source:

    The Panel: Executive producer Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Dylan Hoechilin, Daniel Sharman, and Charlie and Max Carver.

    Footage screened: A sneak peek from the rest of the season — which was awesome. The two moments that earned huge reactions from the audience? The TWO KISSES. One was between Derek and Jennifer and the other…[spoiler alert] Stiles and Lydia! There was also a good glimpse at an upcoming episode that Davis described as “Die Hard in a hospital.”

    Snap judgment: Teen Wolf’s fans are a little nuts, in the best way possible. The enthusiasm that the Comic-Con crowd had — for not only the show’s hunky actors but the show’s mythology — was pretty infectious. One fan put it best right before asking a question: “You’re all really talented…and gorgeous.”

    The Big Revelations:

    + The second half of Teen Wolf‘s third season has a premiere date. Circle Jan. 6 on your calendars!

    + ’The virgin sacrifices are over,” said Davis, “but the question of Stiles’ virginity has not been answered but it will be answered in an upcoming episode.” Yup, he means sex. Our money’s on a Lydia-Stiles hook-up, especially in light of Davis’s comment later on after the footage from later this season was screened: “A kiss isn’t just a kiss.”

    + We will find out “what’s up with Lydia” in episode 9, called “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” Hinted Roden: “The name of the episode is a clue.”

    + The big Derek flashback episode is finally upon us! Said Davis: ”It’s one of the most different of our episodes that we’ve done and we’ve done a lot of experiments this season…but this flashback episode takes us back to Derek’s past and we’re really proud of it. You get a lot of insight into the Hale family, especially the question about a werewolf eyes.”

    + Soon, said Davis, the show will be heading into new mythology involving a Japanese shapeshifter. “We’re excited to take things into a new direction.”

    Choice quote: Two. Jeff Davis: “Don’t interrupt the show runner. I write your lines.” AND O’Brien, re his friendship with Posey: ”He’s literally my best friend in the world.” Aww!

    Most incisive audience question: “Will we ever see the return of Miguel?” — asked by cast member Keahu Kahuanui, who dressed up in an elaborate costume (complete with a hood and crazy contact lenses) so he could sneak into the question line undetected by fans. The crowd went wild when he revealed himself. Also, one overwhelmed fan broke down into tears while asking her question, instantly winning the affection of the panel. When she finally squeaked out her question? “Would any of you all ever want to be a vampire. OH NO!” (She meant “werewolf.”) Totally memorable moment.