A new promotional picture for the second half of Season 3 of Teen Wolf released! I have added it to the gallery!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve just added a still from The Maze Runner that was released a few weeks ago!

New York Comic-Con Photos

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Credit to GeeksofDoom.com, I’ve added some pictures of Dylan from the New York Comic-Con on October 12th!

Comic-Con Portraits!

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Thanks a lot to TeenWolfDaily.com, I’ve added another three pictures from Comic-Con during the summer!

Dylan O’Brien gives a thumbs up after touching down at JFK International Airport on Thursday night (October 10) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actor is in town to attend the Teen Wolf panel at 2013 New York Comic-Con on Saturday, October 12th.

It was announced earlier this month that Dylan will be joined at the panel by the show’s creator Jeff Davis, as well as his on-screen dad, Linden Ashby.

Dylan‘s latest flick, The Internship, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Be sure to pick your copy up ASAP!

-Source: JustJaredJr.com

Untagged Photoshoot!

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I have replaced the photoshoot Dylan did at Comic Con with untagged ones! Enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf yesterday! I can’t wait for January! I have added 4 episode stills and HD screencaptures from the episode to the gallery!

I have added screencaptures from Monday’s episode “Alpha Pact.” Check them out in the gallery!

I have added 4 episode stills from last night’s episode of Teen Wolf, “Alpha Pact!” Check them out in the gallery! I’ll add screencaptures as soon as I can!

New Shoot!

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A new Dylan shoot released! Sorry that they are tagged. Hopefully we can get these untagged! For now, check these out in the gallery!