Here is the episode preview for next week’s episode “Chaos Rising“!

Yesterday was the premiere of Season 3 of Teen Wolf! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I have added episode stills from the episode(“Tattoo”) along with HD screencaptures! You can check them out in the gallery!

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Television Productions > Teen Wolf (2011-present) > Season 3 > Episode Stills > 3.01 – Tattoo
Television Productions > Teen Wolf (2011-present) > Season 3 > Screencaptures > 3.01 – Tattoo

I was able to do some quick captures of the Teen Wolf special from last night! Check out the HD captures in the gallery!

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Television Productions > Teen Wolf (2011-present) > Season 3 > Screencaptures > 3.00 – Back to the Pack

The cast of Teen Wolf did a special for Season 3 called “Back to the Pack.” If you missed it last night, you can watch it below. I will try to add the captures by the end of this week! Who’s ready for Season 3?

Do you realize what you’re dealing with? ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 premieres June 3 at 10/9c.

24. Lots of mystery.

There are so many questions that still need answered from the previous two seasons, let alone what they’re inevitably going to introduce in the third season. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It seems like Stiles in particular is going to be pulling some extra weight. It’s been mentioned that he’s going to be a pseudo-detective in season 3, and that he may even be working more closely with his father this year. His room is set up with boards full of clues and a web of information connected every which way. Episodes 2 and 3 in particular will send him into his major arc this year.

23. Stiles spending more time with his dad.

Speaking of Stiles and his father, we’ve also heard that we’ll be getting more father-son moment this season. Sheriff Stilinski is certainly a fan-favorite character. He’s a great dad, a good officer, and just an all around funny guy. With no one else but each other, it’s going to be nice seeing him and Stiles bonding.

But will that bonding include being let in on the hairy elephant in the room with the big teeth and pointy claws? Who knows. Many fans hope Papa Stilinski will be trusted with that information soon, but that also invariably puts him in more danger. And no one wants to see him killed off, leaving Stiles completely parentless.

21. Stiles may find love.

And it’s about time, right? Right. But…he may be finding love in all the wrong places. No one ever said the writers didn’t like to torture us.

Stiles will, in fact, be getting closer to some girls other than Lydia this season. But, and here we quote Jeff Davis, “While other teenagers just discover the pain of heartache, Scott and Stiles discover dead bodies.” Of course they do. But besides that, we’re happy Stiles isn’t going to be the guy who is perpetually in love with just one girl. And while we don’t think he’ll ever truly get over Lydia, we do like the idea of him trying.

9. Dylan O’Brien, co-writer.

Okay, well, technically he just wrote one scene, but we can dream, right?

In all seriousness, Dylan O’Brien writing a scene for Teen Wolf is like a stranger walking up to you and handing you a puppy for free. They didn’t have to do it, but now that they have, there’s no way you’re giving it back. We’re sure that O’Brien’s comic genius is going to be infused into every line of that wonderful scene, and if fans were excited about more Scott and Stiles bromance, they’ll be even more rabid for it now that they know who penned one of those scenes.

7. Stiles and Lydia getting closer.

While quite a few fans are still pulling for Stydia to happen, we think a lot are glad they’re going to become friends first this season. Lydia probably didn’t even know Stiles’ name at the beginning of season 1, and now they’ve been thrown together into the supernatural world. They’re sure to start bonding.

But don’t get your hopes up for some romance. Lydia is still in love with Jackson, even though he skipped town, and Stiles is determined to move on from Lydia in season 3. While that is a bit disappointing on both fronts, it’ll be nice to see them on the same level this year.


I have just added a high quality of the Stiles still that released a few weeks ago! You can view it in the gallery!

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“Teen Wolf” fans are some of the most needy — in a good way, of course — in MTV history. Clues about characters and story lines are as crucial to you as H2O, and with Season 3 still months away from its premiere, you’ve been feeling thirstier than ever. Luckily, executive producer Jeff Davis realizes that sharing is caring, so every week leading up to the kickoff he’ll be releasing one teaser about the upcoming episodes. Check out the latest below!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but “Teen Wolf” set pics are worth about a billion, don’t ya think? Executive Producer Jeff Davis is sharing some brand spankin’ new shots with you today, one just for fun (oh, Dylan O’Brien…you really are quite dashing), and two others that give us a window into the very first episode of Season 3!

“Morning with Dylan on the ‘Teen Wolf’ set. Looking kind of James Dean,” Jeff says of the photo he snapped himself. Sure, this doesn’t tell us much about Season 3 (except that Stiles might have the BHHS ladies in a tizzy), but the photos below do shed some light on the upcoming June premiere. In the first, a Carver twin is filming a scene from Episode 301, where he appears to be running away from, or after, something, and in the second, a professional choir is recording some chanting. It doesn’t get much creepier than chanting, folks. Ommmmmm…

-Source: MTV

Since our last post relating to Dylan O’Brien and Teen Wolf was a bit controversial, we felt it would be best to roll out the VIDEO of that chat from the WonderCon convention in Anaheim, so the entire thing can be seen in context.

In the interview, he not only talks about Stiles’ relationships, but also the changes that are in store for the show. Dylan also talks about his opportunity to write a scene from Teen Wolf Season 3! There is some really cool stuff within.

Enjoy the video which we’ve embedded below, and look for our chat with Tyler Posey (Scott) — including video — soon. We’ll also have video of what Jeff Davis had to say, fairly soon. Thanks for visiting!