I have added HD logoless screencaptures from Monday’s episode of Teen Wolf “Weaponized” to the gallery!

I have added 7 episode stills from last night’s episode of Teen Wolf “Weaponized” to the gallery!

Got any scoop on Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf? —Amy
Executive producer Jeff Davis gives some information about the next episode that could definitely affect the couple. Let’s just say that the episode is titled “Weaponized,” and it brings in a brand new assassin called The Chemist. According to Davis, the episode “will also include a crucial moment between Stiles and Malia that may threaten to destroy their relationship.”

-Source: EW.com

Another promo for “Weaponized” was released and you can watch it below!

Yahoo Movies is proud to offer the online premiere of the new trailer for the upcoming action-thriller The Maze Runner. Based on the popular YA novel (the first in a trilogy), The Maze Runner tells the story of a teenage boy exiled to the Glade, a community populated by other lads (think: Lord of the Flies) who live in a patch of green space surrounded by a massive and presumably inescapable labyrinth.

In the new trailer, we see young protagonist Thomas (played by Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien) as he begins his exploration of the high-walled dangers within the Maze, where he’s arrived after being stripped of his memories. We also get a few tantalizing glimpses of Grievers, the slug-like creatures whose sting bring both immense pain and long-lost memories. We see a few shots of Teresa (Skins’ Kaya Scodelario), the Glade’s last exile — and its first girl.

The Maze Runner opens in theaters September 19

I’ve added HD logoless screencaptures of Dylan in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf “Orphaned” to the gallery!

I’ve added some new posters from “The Maze Runner” to the gallery!

I’ve added 2 episode of Dylan in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf “Orphaned” to the gallery!