Do you realize what you’re dealing with? ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 premieres June 3 at 10/9c.

24. Lots of mystery.

There are so many questions that still need answered from the previous two seasons, let alone what they’re inevitably going to introduce in the third season. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It seems like Stiles in particular is going to be pulling some extra weight. It’s been mentioned that he’s going to be a pseudo-detective in season 3, and that he may even be working more closely with his father this year. His room is set up with boards full of clues and a web of information connected every which way. Episodes 2 and 3 in particular will send him into his major arc this year.

23. Stiles spending more time with his dad.

Speaking of Stiles and his father, we’ve also heard that we’ll be getting more father-son moment this season. Sheriff Stilinski is certainly a fan-favorite character. He’s a great dad, a good officer, and just an all around funny guy. With no one else but each other, it’s going to be nice seeing him and Stiles bonding.

But will that bonding include being let in on the hairy elephant in the room with the big teeth and pointy claws? Who knows. Many fans hope Papa Stilinski will be trusted with that information soon, but that also invariably puts him in more danger. And no one wants to see him killed off, leaving Stiles completely parentless.

21. Stiles may find love.

And it’s about time, right? Right. But…he may be finding love in all the wrong places. No one ever said the writers didn’t like to torture us.

Stiles will, in fact, be getting closer to some girls other than Lydia this season. But, and here we quote Jeff Davis, “While other teenagers just discover the pain of heartache, Scott and Stiles discover dead bodies.” Of course they do. But besides that, we’re happy Stiles isn’t going to be the guy who is perpetually in love with just one girl. And while we don’t think he’ll ever truly get over Lydia, we do like the idea of him trying.

9. Dylan O’Brien, co-writer.

Okay, well, technically he just wrote one scene, but we can dream, right?

In all seriousness, Dylan O’Brien writing a scene for Teen Wolf is like a stranger walking up to you and handing you a puppy for free. They didn’t have to do it, but now that they have, there’s no way you’re giving it back. We’re sure that O’Brien’s comic genius is going to be infused into every line of that wonderful scene, and if fans were excited about more Scott and Stiles bromance, they’ll be even more rabid for it now that they know who penned one of those scenes.

7. Stiles and Lydia getting closer.

While quite a few fans are still pulling for Stydia to happen, we think a lot are glad they’re going to become friends first this season. Lydia probably didn’t even know Stiles’ name at the beginning of season 1, and now they’ve been thrown together into the supernatural world. They’re sure to start bonding.

But don’t get your hopes up for some romance. Lydia is still in love with Jackson, even though he skipped town, and Stiles is determined to move on from Lydia in season 3. While that is a bit disappointing on both fronts, it’ll be nice to see them on the same level this year.


“Teen Wolf” Season 3 has many twists and turns in store, but one constant we can always rely on is that Stiles Stilinski will remain the same ol’ goofball we’ve come to know and love. The Robin to Scott’s Batman, Stiles has been a loyal friend to many across two seasons, and in the video package below, the cast can’t help but smile as they think back on all of his neck-jerking, vending machine-tipping follies. Being a liability is fun!

“I forget about him sometimes,” Holland Roden jokes. “I think that most people do.” Sorry, Holland, but not us! Stiles has made quite an impact on Beacon Hills and beyond, and for new cast member Adelaide Kane, his personality is a key element to the show’s success. “With all the supernatural craziness, you really do need somebody who’s kind of goofy,” the actress who’s set to play Cora says. Dylan O’Brien, on the other hand, thinks Stiles’ appeal is that you just can’t shake him.

“I like to look as Stiles as being like the best friend that I always wanted,” he says. “He’s like having a dog by your side. He’s always there for you even if you forget to feed him.”

Check out the video, and hang tight — “Teen Wolf” is only ONE MONTH away!

-Source: MTV

I have just added 3 new high quality stills from Dylan’s appearance on New Girl! The episode comes out April 30th on Fox!

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I have just added screencaptures from the 2nd trailer of The Internship. Check them out in the gallery!

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Another trailer for The Internship released a few days ago. You can watch it below! I’ll add captures later this week!

I have just added a high quality of the Stiles still that released a few weeks ago! You can view it in the gallery!

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*Sigh* They grow up so fast! Our very own Dylan O’Brien of “Teen Wolf” is about to take Hollywood by storm, ladies and Gs. This morning, Deadline confirmed that the actor behind Stiles Stilinski (and part-time James Dean lookalike) landed the starring role of Thomas in the movie adaptation of the hit YA book trilogy, “The Maze Runner.” So much for being typecast as the best friend!

For those not familiar with the upcoming blockbuster franchise, it’s a “Hunger Games”-style dystopian sci-fi saga, in which a group of teenagers wakes up in a maze, with no recollection of how they got there, or where they came from. The film is being penned by former “Buried Life” Executive Producer Noah Oppenheim (keepin’ it in the family!) and also stars British “Skins” alum, Kayla Scodelario (kinda keepin’ it in the family!) as Thomas’ best friend and the sole girl in the maze.

We’re sorry to report that you’ll have to wait almost a year for the film’s release — Valentine’s Day 2014 — but at least you’ve got a whole season of “Teen Wolf” to chew on while you wait for Dylan’s big-screen debut! June 3: Be there.

-Source: MTV

You always remember your first.
And New Girl will be flashing back to Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Nick (Jake Johnson) and the rest of the gang’s respective first times in the Fox hit’s April 30 episode “Virgins.” And while some girls lose their V-card to a less-than-ideal partner, Jess was rather lucky in that department as she lands Teen Wolf fan favorite Dylan O’Brien!

We’ve got your exclusive first look at O’Brien’s guest appearance as Jess’ blast from the past, as well as Nick’s latest flashback look (We’re thinking he was definitely called “brace face” at least once in his life!)…

In the episode, Jess flashes back to her first time after receiving a text from the guy she lost her virginity to: Her prom date, played by O’Brien, who is a gorgeous and romantic guitar player, naturally. He promises to make her first time memorable for our adorkable heroine, who wants to lose her virginity to someone special. Awww!

We’ll also get flashbacks to Nick, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston’s (Lamorne Morris) first times. And yes, that is Nick wearing adult braces. Take a moment to let the awesomeness of Johnson in a wig and braces wash over you. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The episode will also feature the return of Dennis Farina as Nick’s father, who recently passed away.

New Girl ‘s “Virgins” airs Tuesday, April 30 at 9 p.m. on Fox.


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