08 Jun '13

ARTICLE: 5 Things to Know About Dylan O’ Brien

Dylan O’Brien is a bit of a newbie in the acting world, nabbing his first big role as Stiles Stilinski on MTV’s Teen Wolf in 2011.

Curious to know more about the MTV star?

Check out these five things to know about Dylan!

5) Dylan grew up in New York City, and later moved to Hermosa Beach, Calif. with his family at the age of 12, according to IMDB. His father is a cinematographer and his mother is a former actress.

4) He’s a budding movie star. After nabbing roles in The First Time, The High Road and The Maze Runner, Dylan is starring in the upcoming comedy flick The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, and reportedly is in talks to star in the time travel thriller Glimmer, according to Deadline.

3) Before he landed his Teen Wolf starring role, Dylan had a YouTube channel full of videos that he produced. He originally wanted to become a cinematographer and attend film school at Syracuse University.

2) Although he had no intentions of pursuing acting when he produced those videos, his YouTube Channel led him to a role on a web series, and he met an actor on set who sent his videos to a management company. After signing with that company, he eventually nabbed an audition for Teen Wolf, he told Teentelevision.com.

1) He and co-star Tyler Posey are buddies on and off the set and have jam sessions from time to time. Dylan, who told Teentelevision.com music is a “huge part of his life,” grew up playing piano and guitar, but says drums are his main love.

-Source: Cambio.com

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