24 Mar '14

‘Teen Wolf’: Dylan O’Brien says (spoiler)’s death was ‘the last straw’

Previewing tonight’s Teen Wolf season 3 finale, Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) talks about how the major death in last week’s episode will affect his character.

If you haven’t watched last week’s episode (season 3, episode 23, “Insatiable”), we suggest you get right on that. There are spoilers ahead.

The death of Allison Argent stunned fans of Teen Wolf, but we’re not the only ones struggling with coming to terms with the main character’s permanent departure. “These kids have gotten almost good in these situations; they’re used to this terrifying life. But [Allison’s death] scared them. This was the first time they’ve lost one of their own,” O’Brien tells TVLine.

And while it’s true that they’ve lost friends and family members in the past — Boyd, Erica, and Victoria are just a few — this time it’s different. This time, it was someone in their inner circle, someone who had been around since the very beginning. And that’s bound to send ripples through the entire group.

Speaking of his own character, though, O’Brien says that Stiles will be taking Allison’s death roughly. “Allison’s death affects Stiles, specifically, because he can’t help but feel responsible for it.”

Allison was killed by the oni, which were being controlled by Void Stiles. Though the real Stiles had no direct part in her death, it is understandable that he feels as though he had the power to stop it. And if he couldn’t do it before, he’s certainly going to try now.

“The only way to stop the Nogitsune, as far as [Stiles] knows, is for him to die. Her death, and what it does to Stiles, is kind of the last straw. He’s now fully committed to sacrifice himself.”

The remainder of the interview on TVLine talks about Stiles’ continued interest in Lydia, but also his blossoming romance with Malia (Shelley Hennig). And speaking of Malia, it looks like she will be a season 4 regular from here on out!

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