23 Aug '14

Dylan O’Brien says Stiles would probably survive ‘The Maze Runner’

Stiles Stilinski has survived serial killer werewolves, being possessed by Japanese trickster spirits and (so far) a benefactor bent on killing all of his supernatural friends on “Teen Wolf.” Could he survive a constantly changing maze filled with robotic spider-slugs with gigantic fangs though?

“Stiles would probably survive,” actor Dylan O’Brien admits during a Q&A session following a screening of his new movie “The Maze Runner.” “I also played a fun guy named Jimmy in ‘High Road’ — it was one of the first things I did — and I think it’d be pretty fun to see him in the maze.”

“The Maze Runner” is based off the first book in James Dashner’s best-selling dystopian young-adult trilogy. The series follows Thomas (O’Brien), a super-intelligent young man who gets his memory wiped before being dropped into a giant maze called “The Glade,” already populated with other memory-less young boys. Once Thomas arrives the routine of “The Glade” goes haywire and it becomes clear that Thomas is the key to all of the boys escaping.

The dramatic adventure thriller is a bit of a departure for O’Brien, who is most known for being the sarcastic sidekick to Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall on “Teen Wolf.” He’s also had comedic turns in feature films like “The Internship” and “The First Time.”

“I was nervous, but I’m thankful I had such an amazing cast around me,” O’Brien says about taking on his first dramatic lead. “I just wanted to do the movie justice.”

O’Brien completed filming for “The Maze Runner” last summer, right before jumping into production on “Teen Wolf” Season 3B — a season that showcased a whole new side of O’Brien’s acting potential. Instead of sarcastic remarks and spastic physical comedy, Stiles became one of the most terrifying villains the show has seen. O’Brien credits his “The Maze Runner” experience with helping him prepare for Stiles’ dark turn.

“Drama is what I need to practice the most,” O’Brien says. “It was great to take [this experience] back to Stiles and see that I’ve learned some things.”

You can catch Dylan O’Brien as Thomas in “The Maze Runner” when it opens in theaters on Sept. 19.

Season 4 episode 10 of “Teen Wolf” — titled “Monstrous” — will premiere on Sun. Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. ET as a lead in to the VMA pre-show on MTV. It’ll re-air at “Teen Wolf”‘s regular time at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Aug. 25.


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