31 Mar '13

Dylan O’Brien Talks “Sterek” & Lydia In Teen Wolf Season 3

We’ve just returned from a Teen Wolf press room at this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, California, with the Teen Wolf panel moderated by Jim Halterman coming later today. We’ll have some interviews (with video!) up this weekend, but for those hungry for some news from the show, here’s a treat… Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) talks about what interaction he will or won’t have with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), the character fans often “ship” him with on places like Tumblr, as well as the interaction he will or won’t have with Lydia (Holland Roden).

More specifically, with the character Danny getting a love interest, might that appease the “slash shippers” who want some male-male action on the show?

“You know, they’re not Facebook official,” Dylan teases, before telling us what we can or can’t expect with “Sterek.”

“Yeah. It’s kind of like we’ve fulfilled everyone’s, like, void that apparently the show has [with Danny]. Derek and Stiles are on a little bit of a break. No, I don’t know. We’re not in that many scenes together, for some reason. Our characters still have that rapport, and just because it’s not touched on as much… everything’s so much bigger. Derek’s world grows, Stiles’ world grows, hence they don’t have [as much] time. Even me and Posey don’t have as many scenes as we did together. It’s kind of the case with everybody on the show,” he explains.

Stiles will, however, have a lot of scenes with Lydia.”I’d say, yeah. I’ve been with Holland the most. Not romantically. Stiles kind of shelves that. Obviously he still has feelings for Lydia. It’s not going to go away overnight, or ever. That’s still the underlying thing of the season, but more of the focus is them becoming a team,” he says.

-Source: KSiteTV.com

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